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My name is Mike Rottink. I developed my trading skills with a half a decade of failures and learning experiences. I learned the hard way, but you won’t have to thanks to my live webinars. I’ve made millions of dollars in the last four years by knowing how to adapt to the markets. Now it’s your turn! Think of it like learning to drive. You can read every book in existence, but at some point, you are going to have to get behind the wheel. I will be the professional beside you every step of the way!

What you can take from my webinars

Strike While the Iron is hot!

Truly master the markets like never before. Instantly recognize attractive asset movements and opportunities without any outside assistance. Make trades with confidence and start earning money anywhere anytime.


"The FX Mentor"

Dan is a self-made millionaire who learned from some of the best financial traders in the world before developing his own methods for success. The sum of his knowledge and experience lays down the foundation of this webinar course. Dan started trading in the early days of online forex, and without any special tools he was able to reach a significant portfolio that then launched his success and made him the millionaire he is today.

Dan is already a mentor to countless people who owe their trading success to his live webinars.

Dan Parker

"The FX Brain"

Mike started his trading journey by joining Dan’s live online trading webinars, and today he is responsible for the management of Dan’s online trading portfolio. He is also an active and admired teacher on Dan’s webinars. Mike specializes in the development and testing of online trading strategies, risk management, profit assessment, hedging, and exit rule recognition.

Mike’s incredible success story is now renowned within many of the top trader communities, and his knowledge and experience takes these webinars to a whole new level.

Mike Rottink

"The FX Aanalyst"

Marco is a full-time trader and co-creator of the webinar program, actively using and enhancing the strategies found in the course. Marco specializes in market predictions and trend analysis and will teach you how to compensate for the fluidity of the markets in ways trading bots cannot do. His focus is on market sentiment and achieving consistent profits.

Rising in the ranks of professional traders, Marco brings fresh insight and a cutting edge understanding of trading that will open your eyes to amazing opportunities.

Marco Benedetti

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A few of your most common questions and their answers.

No. The professional trainer hosting the Webinar will walk you through fundamentals before going into investment strategies and portfolio management.

No need. The webinar gives a comprehensive explanation of every aspect of trading up to a professional level. Once the basics are demonstrated, the majority of the course targets market analysis, investment strategies, portfolio management, and several other methods known only to the top traders in the world.

Yes. The trainers teach how to find lucrative investments live, and the traders attending the webinar have the option to act upon the advice. All profits made from trades are sent directly to the traders account.

No. Your trading account is yours, and only you decide if a trade is good for you.

No. Your attendance is not compulsory. If you feel you are ready to trade alone or wish to trade at your own speed, you can.